How to Record Microphone Audio Free Download with Audacity Windows

How to Record Microphone Audio Free Download with Audacity Windows

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Go to the link below and download audacity for your computer.


Finish installing the program.
Make sure your microphone is connected and fully setup before opening audacity.
Then open Audacity.
On the top are toolbars to help you to record audio.
Before recording, make sure the recording device is set to your microphone.
Click on the drop down menu next to the microhpone icon then select your microphone.
Press the record button or press R to start recording.
The sound will start recording from your microphone.
Either press the stop button or the spacebar to stop recording.
You can delete parts of the recorded audio by highlighting a part of the track and pressing delete.
If you press record again to continue recording, it will start another track.
To record on the same track, press Shift-R to continue recording where the arrow is on the same track.
Once you are happy with your recording and want to save the audio file,
Go to File > Export Audio.
It is important to do export audio because if you just save it normally, it wont save as an audio file, it will save as a project.
Type a file name and the audio type you want. WAV and MP3 are recommended.
You can also choose metadata tags for artist name and more.
The audio file should save an you can now use what you recorded with your microphone.

So thats my NO BS tutorial on how to Record Microphone Audio Free Download with Audacity Windows in 82 seconds.

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