How to Letterbox, Cinematic Film Black Bars in Adobe Premiere Pro 2017

Click to Watch Video on YouTube

Click to Watch Video on YouTube

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Create a new project and then a new sequence

Import the footage you want to use, in your project

Put the footage in the sequence.

Go to the effects tab and search Crop C-R-O-P

Drag the effect on to the video clip

Go to the Effect Controls Tab, video effects then crop. Click on the arrow to expand the controls.

Then change the percentages to change the size of the black bars for your video.


If you have multiple clips, it would be too hard to apply the crop effect to each individual clip.

So you can apply it on an Adjustment Layer.

The Adjustment Layer will apply any effects to all the layers underneath it.
Create the Adjustment Layer by going down to the bottom left icon and click new item and then adjustment layer. Drag the layer on top of the clips. Then apply the crop effect on the layer and then change the crop percentages. This method is a lot more easier and efficient than doing it to each single clip.

So thats my NO BS tutorial on how to letterbox your footage in Premiere Pro.

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