How to Create Folders on iPhone

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Do you want to learn How to Create Folders on iPhone iOS Tips

Here's how:

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  1. Go to the home screen on your iphone and tap lighltly and hold on an app icon on the screen.
  2. Once all the icons start wiggling and you can see the X buttons, hold on an app icon and move it on top of another and hold it on there.
  3. You will see a grey box appear behind the icon and if you hold the app long enough, you will quickly create a folder.
  4. Continue moving icons on top of the folder to add the apps in.
  5. You can rename the folder by going to the top, and typing the new name.
  6. To delete the folder, move all the apps out the folder and it should dissapear.

That is my NO BS tutorial on How to Create Folders on iPhone iOS Tips

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