How to Change Windows 10 Background Desktop Wallpaper

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Do you want to learn How to Change Windows 10 Background Desktop Wallpaper?

Here's how:

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  1. Go to your desktop where you can see the current background
  2. Right click and go down and click on Personalize
  3. Here you can choose a picture to make your background
  4. At the choose your picture section, you can select one of windows default backgrounds or click on browse and choose a background using your own images
  5. Once you choose an image, You can also then choose a fit in the drop down menu.
  6. This will determine how your background is displayed.
  7. For example, stretch will stretch the selected image depending on your screen size so there are no black bars, you can play around with this for the best option for you.
  8. You can also choose a colour instead for your background.
  9. If you also then want to choose a number of images to change every so often, choose slideshow.
  10. Choose an album of images by going browse, and choosing a folder.
  11. All the images in this folder will be used in the slideshow so place all your images there.
  12. You can choose how often it changes and if it shuffles through as by default it will go in order.
  13. Once you are done, you can close the settings window

That is my NO BS tutorial on How to Change Windows 10 Background Desktop Wallpaper

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