How to Change Wallpaper on iPhone

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Do you want to learn How to Change Wallpaper on iPhone?

Here's how:

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  1. Go to the settings app, scroll down to wallpaper, then choose a new wallpaper.
  2. You can choose from your own images in your cameral roll or apples preset wallpapers.
  3. Live wallappers move when you tap hard on the screen. Dynamic wallapears move when you move around your phone.
  4. You can choose still, perspective or if a live photo, the live photo option.
  5. Still is just the standard image, perspective moves the image when your phone moves, and live photo is activated when you tap hard on the screen.
  6. When you are happy with what mode you want, press Set.
  7. You have a choice to Set Lock Screen, Home Screen or Both.
  8. Lock screen is the photo you see before you unlock your phone and home screen is the photo behind the background of your apps.
  9. You can set these two as different photos if you want to, or choose Both if not.

That is my NO BS tutorial on How to Change Wallpaper on iPhone

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