About Us

Hi there, we are No BS Tutorials! Welcome to our website and many thanks for stopping by! You are probably why we are here in the first place, this explains why.

Why we started this?

Our purpose is encompassed in our motto: "Teaching straight to the point". Do you know those tutorials that drag out for ages and ages, you are watching for minutes/hours on end, then finally there's those few seconds that actually helps you out? We know from personal experience too so we decided to do something about it which was to cut all that out and leave you with high quality content that will help you "straight to the point". Hence, the No BS.

With your support, we hope to make as many tutorial content, whether video or text, to really reach people out there when they need that quick help. Thanks again!

We have two main ways we post our content, this website of course and our YouTube Channel! We also have Twitter at @nobstutorials to ask questions or suggest tutorials! You can also use the link nobstutorials.com/ask.

What people have said so far!

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"I instantly subbed, you are amazing. EZ-PEEZEE tutorial. Exactly what I wanted!"

Vanikmobile YouTube

"When I search for a tutorial, I'm usually frustrated by not being able to do the task. Most tutorials just add to this frustration by taking ages to explain how to do something or sometimes don't even help at all. THIS is exactly how a tutorial video should be. Simple and straight to the point. Subscribed and liked!"

Harry Ashton Potter YouTube

"Please don't stop uploading! I love your 'No-BS' tutorial concept! Your videos are far more efficient and faster than other tutorials!"

"Wow. This is the best tutorial I have ever seen. 29 seconds of exactly what wanted to know. Thanks!"

ThisKidsNoGood YouTube